Photo Gallery

Here is a great article about Beverly’s Christmas Stars project. (Click on the blue words)


LeAnn’s Torchon Sampler from pattern by Lia Baumeister. Started Oct. 2019. Finished Mar. 2020.


Fall leaf by Jackie Nissen


Sherri Campbell taught tatting on a cruise and Carol Sinner learned (and surpassed her teacher!). She sent these pictures of her work since then.


Tatted fall leaf by Venessa Godfrey


Fall leaf by Lynda Libby


Miss Channer’s Mat by Alice. This took Alice about 400 hours, using Egyptian cotton 70/2.


Tablecloth and Roses by Alice


Opal’s Doily


Tatted Doily by Jackie

Doily by Jackie Nissen

Doily by Jackie Nissen

Tatted Flag Pin by Joanne Meier

Bookmark by Lynda Libby


Tatted Flag bookmark by Sherri Campbell


Milanese butterfly by Lynda Libby


Chrysanthimum Butterfly by Jackie Nissen


butterfly by Jackie Nissen


Cross made by Lynda Libby from the book Lace for Ten Pairs by Claire Burkhard.


Chrysanthemum lace cross by Beverly Davis


Easter egg by Lynda Libby

Tatted cross by Jackie Nissen


Tatted crosses by Sherrie Campbell


Idrija lace by Lynda Libby


Idrija lace by Pauline Zietz


Oregon Grape


Oregon Grape in Lace by Jean Reeves, based off of the photo above.


Bruges Bloemwork flowers by Jackie Nissen


Bruges Bloemwork Flower made at IOLI Convention, Sacramento, August 2014.

Submitted by Carol H.



Idrija Lace heart made in Idrija class held in Battleground, WA, April 2014.
Teacher: Allie Marguccio.

Materials used: Idrija cotton thread size #30

Submitted by Kathy H.

Heart by Jackie Nissen


Heart by Marilyn Barnes


Hearts Edging by Jan Brand


Tatted Heart by Joanne Meier


Two hearts Entwined by Jean Reeves


Red Heart by Jean Reeves


This is called a Maltese Snowflake, tatted by Jean Reeves.


The red sample above was done at the IOLI Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah and the silver one was made at the Oregon State Fair. The pattern is from Gilian Dye’s Elizabethan Disk printed with permission from Elizabethan Lace. The class instructor at IOLI 2013 was Kim Davis.

Materials used: 32 gauge copper coated wire, beads (4mm, 6mm faceted beads, and seed beads)

Submitted by Jackie N.


Idrija Lace mat – actual size: 7 5/8″ in diameter. Thread used: #30 Filato de Cantu cotton.
Submitted by Beverly D.


Butterfly quilt made by Alice for the Pacific Northwest Conference, 2014.

Submitted by Alice H.


Hinojosa Butterfly started at the IOLI Convention in Sacramento, August 2014.

Submitted by Bonnie Jean R.


Idrija butterfly made in Idrija class held in Battleground, WA, April 2014. Teacher: Allie Marguccio.

Submitted by Lynda L.

Top left: MP3/Cell Phone carrier is from a Japanese book, size 10 Cebillia with size 11 seed beads.

Top right: Coin purse in size 20 Lizbeth linen color. This was a class project at Shuttlebirds Workshop this year. Workshop and pattern by Jessica Spaulding.

Bottom: Bracelets and earrings are based on a pattern by Krystle Pyette. Size 20 thread and by-the-yard trim cut to length and tatted around.

Submitted by Jean R.

�Left: Easter egg with rabbit was copied from a picture Jean found on the web. Jean made the tatting to match the picture in size 20 thread.
Submitted by Jean R.
�The pattern for this Butterfly mat is from Brigitte Bellon’s Ostern und Fruhling, Pattern #6.
Beverly used Bockens 35/2 linen with a varigated metallic thread for the gimp.
Approximate size: 8 1/2 inches square.
Submitted by Beverly D.
Rainbow by Jackie Nissen